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Warsaw 02 - 807
24 B Bociania Str.
tel/fax 48 22 644 0009
mobile 48 600 081 294

1095 Sterling Ave, Apt 216
Palatine, IL 60067
Tel/Fax (847) 202 7926
mobile (847) 927 5009

Company profile

WAGAS LLC is the company organized and registered under the Polish Law.
It makes a business in Poland and out of Poland, especially in the United States
of America.

WAGAS LLC performs consulting services, trading on its own account or acting
as an agent, could cooperate with some other companies in making business.

At the most, the Company activities are focused on:

Consulting services in management and control of manufacturing companies,
trading companies;

Consulting services in designing, programming and implementation
of management information systems;  

Export and Import services to/from USA;

Trading heavy construction equipment, its attachments and tools on its own account
or on agency basis.

WAGAS Sp. z o. o.    2006